Should I switch off my boiler and heating when I go on holiday?

central heating off when you're on holiday?

Should I switch off my boiler and heating when I go on holiday?

Going on holiday is an exciting time: all the planning and packing, let alone the holiday itself!

When you are leaving your home for a few weeks, there are a few things to consider.

Many think that leaving their heating or boiler on will be dangerous or that something bad will happen while you are away. Most also think about conserving energy and money while they are away too.

But what is best for your home? We have all the answers.

Should I turn my boiler off when I go away?

Every boiler is different, and its performance or safety will depend on the age, type, and brand of your boiler.

An older boiler, for example, might be more prone to faults or issues, so it can be much better for your peace of mind to turn your boiler off when you go away.

However, even if your boiler is new and modern, there are still chances of issues and faults. It is important to have your boiler regularly checked and serviced by an expert heating technician or plumber.

On the other hand, some believe that turning their boiler off for a long time can also cause risks.

For example, at winter, turning your boiler off could result in frozen pipes or water supply. The weather and time of year can play a large part in whether or not you decide to keep your boiler on while you are away.

If you go away in the summer then turning your boiler off might not be a bad idea as you do not need your unit to keep your home warm while you are away.

But, in winter, it is better to keep your boiler on while you are away. Doing this will prevent the pipework from freezing over and will mean that you will not have to worry about coming home to a very cold house!

If you are concerned about the cost- and energy-efficiency of leaving your boiler on during a winter holiday, then here are a few things you can do:

Use the thermostat

You do not have to keep your heating on a high temperature while you are away – turning it down to around 15 degrees will be enough to keep it ticking over, and to avoid frozen pipes.

Frost protection setting

Turn on a frost protection setting on your boiler – this will prevent the boiler from freezing and it will run on a low operating temperature.

Use the timer

You can set a timer to keep your heating running for an hour or two a day. This will help keep the house from getting too cold and keep your energy bills low.

Turn off hot water tanks

Your home will not be needing hot water while you are away, you can sometimes opt to switch off the hot water function on your boiler to save money and energy.

Here are some more tips to conserve energy while you are away.

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