101 Exterior home renovation ideas to WOW everyone

The Best Exterior Features  For  The Home

When it comes to updating the home, whether that be to add market value or just to make improvements for your own comfort, there are a number of great updates that are often ignored.

Some of our favourites are listed below:

New Entrance Doors

The front door is the first thing you see when you enter a home, that is why they are a priority when it comes to improving the look and feel of a property.

Choosing front doors can be difficult, especially when it seems that there are so many options out there. We have put together a list that highlights some things to look for when choosing a new front door:

  • Double Glazing – Double glazing is an important feature that you will want to be included with your door, especially if you are in the London or Surrey area. Double glazing ensures your door is secure and blocks out any noise pollution.
  • Material – The front door is the entrance to your home, therefore you should want to ensure it’s secure. Choosing an entrance door made from the right material is thus an important factor when deciding on the right door for you. We love uPVC or hardwood doors as they are known to be substantial and secure. If you’re looking for new front doors in Surrey, here’s a recommended site.
  • Choosing the right company – You should choose a company that is well-known ad recommended for door manufacturing as well as fitting.



Bespoke Range of Rooflights

Rooflights are a popular solution for homeowners looking to bring natural light into their homes.

Here at Western Electrical, we take a look at some of the types of roof lights that you can install in your home today!

Opening roof lights

Open up your home to the wonders of the outside world with these opening roof lights, combined with minimal design and smart, effortless automation. With an actuator located within the upstand, they can open with the touch of a button. See Domestic Electrics.

Opening roof lights can be powder coated finish flush ensuring that water slides off effortlessly, leaving your roof light looking stunning as ever. You won’t have to worry about water pooling any more. Browse roof lights here.

Access hatch

Access hatch roof lights are designed with market-leading specifications as well as full certification. These are created to be highly efficient and with a U Value of 0.97 W/m2K, they definitely help towards keeping your property warm and lower energy bills. Read More: Explaining U Values.

WalkOn roof lights

These roof-lights are perfect for those who wish to have more natural light into their basement. You can walk on these with complete reassurance that these are secure and safe. These WalkOn roof lights have market-leading 50mm double glazed units with 25mm toughened and heat strengthened laminate outer pane.

Eco roof lights

Eco roof lights are typically triple-glazed and injected with Krypton Gas so energy efficiency is maximised. The U Value of eco-roof lights is 0.65 W/m2K, so your home can be flooded with natural light whilst saving you money.


Circular roof lights

For those looking to set a trend in their home, then circular roof lights can be suitable. A trend that architects are using much more often is the use of sweeping curves to make a statement piece in a property. Contact us.

Circular roof lights will look great on any flat-roofed property, whilst giving you natural light and a sense of style. This is something that many people now require in their homes.