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Painting and Decorating

Western now offer the complete property maintenance and refurbishment services including: painting and decorating, wallpapering, boarding, installing partition walls, plastering and tiling. Our painters and decorators have many years of experience and can add value to your home. Click here.

We undertake any size project with confidence, starting from small handyman jobs to renovating a whole property. Our intention is to give the customer full value for money by providing a reliable service.  We have excellent reviews on Trustpilot and are fully insured.


Underfloor Heating

West London Electrics offers individual room control for each room where required with a night setback facility as it has been proven that it is more economic to maintain a minimum temperature overnight, it is also more effective when operating ground or air source heat pumps.

Underfloor heating can be used to heat domestic properties, nursing homes, sports halls, offices, factories, nursery schools and warehouses. There are no risks of contact burns or falling against sharp edges or corners, no radiators to paint and in factories the heat is felt at floor level rather than disappearing into the roof void. View more information.

Our standard manifold is the compact manifold which is compact, self regulating, complete with circulating pump and pre-assembled. We can also supply a low temperature manifold without the pump and regulating valve for use with heat pumps.

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Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring is an extremely versatile option for any home to bring elegance, style and charisma. Wooden flooring in any home is seen as luxury, expensive and homely. Another great property of this material is that it is often available in a range of neutral colours so you’ll be able to find something that matches your style of home. View more benefits.

Quality flooring that has been installed properly can last a lifetime. If ever needed, you also have the option of re-sanding and finishing the wood to remove surface damage and scratches that may have been caused by pets. In addition, individual planks of wood can be removed and replaced.

We highly recommend Richard James Wooden Floors who is based in London, Kent and Surrey.

The smooth surface of the floor means no odours, pet hairs or dust mites can be absorbed into the material which is great for allergy sufferers and keeps the floor hygienic.